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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Prayer for Strength

Golden limbs of autumn
sheltering the way
bringing joy back to my soul
proclaiming a new day.

Tender twists of memories
rest on the faded bench
reminding me of where I've been
this journey inch  by inch.

I sense the Spirit's presence near
in blazing brilliant swells
remembering God's mighty hand
that rescued me from hell

replaced the fear with life and health
infused me with new breath
bringing hope back to my heart
and silencing the death.

I pray now for the strength I need
to make the wisest choice
to set aside all worldly things
and listen for God's voice.

Lord, strengthen me
to do your will
to live a truthful life
to have the courage to believe
the will to pay the price.


  1. I really love your poems! So simple and yet so powerful!

  2. I agree with jamiejoy. Great poetry. Simple and powerful. :)