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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Heart Set Free

The well was deep
where I was bound
despairing that
I would be found-
the darkness thick
with muffled sound-
the lies dead tight
that wound around
my beaten heart
which could not see
the love that You
had meant for me.
But step by step
You led me out
the stranglehold
of doubt
up to a place
of life and light
of hope and peace-
the love of Christ.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I look into your eyes and see
that life is robed in mystery.
Why are we here-
both you and I
to live until
our time to die?
A glimpse of beauty
sets us free
to feel the Love
we cannot see.
Then come the valleys
filled with grief
where hope seems lost
with no relief.
To trust is hard
beneath such pain;
our faith and trust
begin to wane.
We pray for courage
now to live
when we have nothing
left to give,
to know that we
are not alone
when hearts feel hardened
into stone,
to feel the gentle
breath of peace
that promises
our soul's release.