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Thursday, March 15, 2012



     is always



     it silently

          shines forth

               in the darkness

and holds

     a lifetime

          of memories -

the good

and the bad

     are all absorbed

          in love's

never-ending embrace.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Alone

There is a love
that binds all things
with hearts and hands
and breath and wings -
a love that ties
us each to all
and brushes back
despair's dark pall.
I hear it in
the Mourning Dove
cooing softly
from above.
I heard it in
the Cardinal's "cheer"
first morning sound
to greet my ear.
I see it in
my dog's soft eyes
while at my feet
she sweetly lies.
I saw it in
the Northern Lights
bright green against
the darkest night -
bringing peace
to mind and soul
filling the relentless hole -
a hole that never
can be filled
with things of earth
or manmade thrills -
a space that longs
for love alone -
God's answer to
the great unknown.